How To Factory Reset Galaxy J7

Though the Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone seems stable, the users will often face some serious issues. This is also the case with the other android device users who sometimes will have difficulties that can be solved only through a factory data reset. In some instances, the users just want to have that fresh start on their phone so as to get rid of the memory hiccups and clearing the cache so as to improve the functionality of the phone.

In this article, we will highlight some different ways through which you can perform the factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy J7. First, it is critical that you understand unless you are ready to lose important data, you have got to backup your device before the next step. To do this, open the settings and click on the backup and reset option. Here, you can complete a thorough backup and you also have the option of using the third party application or service. whatever your choice, ensure you have a data backup to avoid the pain of losing everything.


Factory Reset Instructions on Galaxy J7 Using the Hardware Keys

  1. Ensure the Samsung J7 is turned off
  2. Simultaneously hold the Volume up, power and also the home button and don’t release them
  3. Only release the buttons once the Android icon is seen on the screen
  4. The Galaxy J7 is now on the recovery mode and touch screen is usually unresponsive now.
  5. Select the available options through the use of the volume buttons these includes:
  • Select the Wipe Data or Factory Reset option with the Volume Down
  • Use power to start it
  • Tap on “Yes-Delete User Data” by using the volume down button
  • Use the power button to start the phone
  • Ensure the factory reset is complete and that the device restarts appropriately


The device is going to reboot in the same recovery mode and so you have to make use of the Volume Down to select System reboot.

The power button restarts the reboot and returns to the normal running mode. The above instructions can be applied in case you aren’t able to use the phone screen. this is often the case when the screen password has been forgotten or in circumstances when software is unresponsive making it impossible to use the phone. We will soon share the alternative approach.


The Galaxy J7 Reset through the Phone Menu

  1. Open the settings
  2. Click on the user
  3. Tap on the phone backup
  4. Select the backup and reset option
  5. Click on the factory data reset
  6. Click device Reset
  7. A new window will pop. Select “Delete All”
  8. Ensure the procedure is completed successfully before phone resets and restarts.


From what we have just seen, performing the Galaxy J 7 reset is easier when using the phone menus.

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