How To Enjoy Flash Player On Samsung Note 9

The Adobe Flash feature is no longer available for the Android devices and this is because of some particular reasons. Specifically, it is as a result of an improvement and creating a secure web use experience. As we see new advancements on the smartphones every other day, users are left with the option of moving with it as a flash plug-in loses the initial value attached to it.

It is also important that we recognize the fact that there is some vital web content that will require the use of Adobe Flash on Samsung Note 9. The smartphones miss this feature but if you wish to add it on your mobile device, it is very simple. In addition, there are some web browsers that are created particularly for Android.

The Android system comes with an inbuilt player support and some of the web browsers that will have the support for this enabling you to play the SWF games and the flash videos are Mozilla, Puffing and also Dolphin. From these choices, you might be attempted to try out the Dolphin web browser. This browser supports the flash player for Android devices and comes with a faster loading speed.

However, even before you have attempted anything, you need to allow a third party application. There are the general settings that you should change to allow these third party applications on your phone. Click on the security settings and allow unknown sources to complete the action on Note 9.


Procedure for Installing the Flash Player on Samsung Note 9

  1. To begin with, it is important that install a browser that will support flash player for the Dolphin browser. This can be gotten from the Google Play Store.
  2. After you are done downloading and installing the browser, proceed and launch it.
  3. Open the browser settings
  4. Lookout for the flash player option
  5. Tap on the flash player to make it always on.
  6. Exit the settings and navigate to a page that requires use of the flash player.
  7. Now, you will be prompted to complete the flash player download since the page requires you to have one.
  8. Download and install the flash player now.
  9. Now, with the Flash Player on your phone, Dolphin browser will perform better.


The above steps present you the ability for using the Adobe Flash Player on Note 9 effectively on your phone.

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