How To Enable ‘Ok Google’ On Samsung Note 9

If you have a new Samsung smartphone, you might want to enable the “OK Google” on Note 9. The same as in Samsung`s “Bixby” and the “Siri” feature on Apple, “Google OK” from Android acts as a virtual assistant making your experience much easier.

The “OK Google” on Samsung Note 9 voice command lets you complete several tasks and get important information provided without using the internet to lookout. In this article, we will explain how you will enable the “OK Google” feature and once you have activated the feature you can access it on Note 9 whenever the phone is locked.


Procedure for Enabling “OK Google” on Note 9

  1. Switch on the phone
  2. Open the Google application
  3. Tap the 3 dotted icon on the screen top part
  4. Tap the settings tab
  5. Tap voice
  6. Select “From any Screen” and “From Google Search Application”
  7. Familiarize yourself to the app by playing around with it


Once you have followed these steps, you can now use the “OK Google” on Samsung Note 9 without facing any issue making it your virtual assistant.

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