How To Disable Or Adjust Autocorrect On Samsung Note 9

If you own a new smartphone from Samsung, you may want to figure out how you can deactivate or adjust the autocorrect on Note 9. The Samsung Note 9 autocorrect feature is basically meant to allow for a better experience when you are typing and sending text messages.

This is a feature that many people enjoy but it can be annoying as well. Therefore, you might consider disabling the feature on your phone as it causes headaches. If you would like to learn how to deactivate the feature, we will share simple steps here.


Procedure for disabling the autocorrect feature on Note 9

  1. Switch on the phone
  2. Open the keyboard on your screen
  3. Tap the dictation key that appears next to the space bar
  4. Click the settings icon / gear
  5. Tap “predictive Text” and disable it when you see the “Smart Typing”
  6. Disable other features like auto-capitalization and the punctuation marks


You might want to turn on the Note 9 autocorrect on at a later date, just follow the above directions. If you have downloaded a third-party keyboard, the steps or procedure might be a little different when you want to deactivate the autocorrect feature from the keyboard settings.


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