How To Change Samsung Note 9 App Icon Size In Home Screen?

If you just bought a new Samsung Note device, you could be interested on knowing the procedure for changing the Samsung Note 9 icon size from the home screen. This is probably because in the past you had a difficult time trying to view the smaller icons and so would want to have the icons appear larger on your Note 9. Some other persons are determined to have larger icons so that the icons appear fitting better on the home screen.

For whatever reason you might be interested in changing the icon size on Galaxy Note 9, you will find this guide useful. Just adhere to these steps to change Samsung Note 9 app icon size.

  1. Switch on the device
  2. Swipe downwards from the top of the home screen so as to access the notifications
  3. Tap on the settings gear icon
  4. Tap display and wall paper
  5. Tap on the icon background
  6. A box appears on the new screen
  7. Tap on one of the options and set the size of the icon that works for you.
  8. Click on the other options and a preview box will appear
  9. Click the done button so as to save the settings
  10. Exit the pages.


Those steps will help you set the icon size on Samsung Note 9. This is a great customization feature that will fit your preferences well.

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