How To Adjust Screen Sensitivity On Samsung Note 9

Sensitivity adjustment is one of the crucial features that the Samsung Note 9 owners would want to learn about. Learning how to do this is also an important step if your phone has a screen that is too sensitive. If you would like to learn how to adjust the Samsung Note 9 screen sensitivity, here is a manual that will teach you.


Recommendations for Fixing the Screen Sensitivity on Samsung Note 9

  1. How do you hold your phone? The most comfortable way of handling the phone w2ill not mean it is the best way to hold it. There are ways of holding the phone that cause the fingers to be close to the edge on the screen causing you serious problem. This might seem odd at first and so changing how you do it will help.
  2. The case type is also another determinant when it comes to the screen sensitivity. There are some cases that lead to high sensitivity. Some cases are also not meant for your phone and will press against the phone display. Remove the case and if the issue is resolved, then it is important you budget for another case.
  3. Add a Foil or a Screen Protection Material. This helps to reduce the screen sensitivity and reduces scratches on the screen while reducing the Samsung Note 9 sensitivity.


Those are the recommended ways of reducing the sensitivity on Note 9. If the issue is not solved, try a software update. These issues are known by the manufacturers and they have a software bug for fixing the issue.



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