How To Add Signature To Text Messages On Samsung Note 9

Adding a signature text on Samsung Note 9 for the text messages you send out is an incredible feature. There are several users who like the feature and use it while texting. In addition, you can use the feature on the emails including when you want to send them from the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and also when you are using the texting application.

You can include a custom signature on Samsung Note 9 texting application. The signature will automatically be included on any text you will be sending out. This makes it an incredible feature when you are texting your business contacts.

Unfortunately, the new OS on the Android devices no longer allows users to attach the same message signature automatically. Through the steps illustrated here you will be able to do this in a blink of an eye.


Adding Signature On Text Messages On Samsung Note 9

  1. Open the Home screen on your phone
  2. Open the application menu
  3. Open the settings segment
  4. Open the input and Language menu
  5. Click on the Samsung keyboard
  6. Browse for the Text Shortcuts menu and select it
  7. Click on Add option located on the upper right hand corner so as to include the content string script as the content easy route on the console application.


Enter a text on the quick access field that will be, as an example,  your “Signature”. In addition, another content in the Extended Text Field that consequently shows up after keying in the Quick Access Field that can be “Yours Truly, First Name” Click on the Save setting and exit the menu.

Through the above procedure you have made an extraordinary quick access command that can be used with the keyboard when you are entering content in a window. The ability to make use of this feature on your Samsung Note devices brings in a new experience when it comes to messaging and adding a signature on Note 9.

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