How To Add Ringtones On Samsung Note 9

How to add ringtones on Note 9 is something that all the Samsung Note 9 users often want to know. It is a feature that allows you to create a custom ringtone for the person calling you so as to be able to quickly find out who is calling you. This feature also lets the Note 9 users to differentiate themselves from the other Note 9 users by having a completely different ringtone from the rest.

In this article, we will feature the procedure for adding ringtones on Samsung Note 9 device. First, you need to create a ringtone for the specific contact and then you can apply the Note 9 custom tone for all the other callers. Here are the instructions that you need to follow.


Procedure for Changing Samsung Note 9 Ringtone for Particular Caller

  1. Select the Contacts Application
  2. Pick the contact that you want to edit the ringtone for.
  3. Click the edit button and tap on the MORE option
  4. Navigate to the screen bottom and tap ringtone
  5. Select the “add from device storage” option
  6. Tap on the sound picker to complete the action through the window
  7. Tap the specific ringtone for the contact through the music player application
  8. For the whole song to be heard when you are called, untick the highlight only option
  9. Click Done
  10. Select save to have the changes take effect
  11. If you wish to add custom ringtone for other contacts, repeat those steps.


How to Change the Ringtone for All the Note 9 Contacts

  1. Open the notification panel
  2. Tap on the settings then the sounds and vibration and navigate to the choose ringtone option
  3. Tap ringtone option and choose the tone you will want for all the future incoming calls
  4. Open all the ringtones list available for the Note 9
  5. Navigate to the bottom of the list and pick “select from the phone storage” option
  6. Select the tone picker and select the tone from the music player
  7. Tap on the .mp3 file that you wish to have as the ringtone
  8. To listen to the entire song whenever you are called untick the highlights only option
  9. Tap on done option so as to save the changes.


With the above options, you are now in a position to customize the ringtone on Samsung Note 9. You will have a different phone from the rest once you have completed these customization options. In addition, whenever you add the music ringtone you know exactly who will be calling even without checking the name on the screen.

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