How To Activate And Deactivate Safe Mode On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

Accessing the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung S8 Plus from the safe mode is one of the most recommended approaches on most of the troubleshooting guides. The basic reason behind this is that the “safe mode” feature lets you to make use of the OS while facing minimal need for software configurations, easier for the user to identify the issue and notice the troublesome applications.

Your Galaxy device might seem to be working well now but often you will probably have to start it while on the safe mode. Upon restarting your smartphone in the usual/normal mode. For instance, let say you want to safely get rid of some of the phones applications. However, you are not able to remove a third-party application that you had setup on the smartphone. Or maybe the smartphone reboots just without you giving it the restart command. These are some of the critical circumstances when you might need to make use of safe mode. Here, we will teach you some of the ways you can start the safe mode allowing you to quickly solve issues that arise while you are using the Galaxy S8.


Procedure for Booting the Galaxy Smartphone on the Safe Mode

First before you can get started on this operation, it is important that you turn off the phone. While the phone has been switched off, try the following solutions:

  1. Open the start button and keep holding it and you will see the Android logo come up on the phones screen.
  2. Release the power button once the logo has been displayed and tap on the volume down button
  3. The Volume minus button should be held until the phone has finished the reboot process
  4. The safe-mode symbol should be displayed on the phone screen if everything has worked out well.
  5. Now, let go the volume reduction button and start looking into the issue that you are facing while you are on the safe-mode.


Switching the Safe Mode Off

The third party applications are usually disabled when the safe-mode is running. This lets you have time and freedom to use the device while you are getting rid of some device malfunctions. These enable and deactivate whatever you want and after you can always revert to the usual functionality mode.


Here are some of the Alternatives you should do for this Final Stage

  1. Once the issue has been solved, you now need to put on the phone and this turns back to the usual mode. You can use the Volume reduction button to select the restart mode and press the power button to activate restart.
  2. If the issue is not resolved yet, you might need to try the mode that lets you recover. Here is a guide on Procedure for activating the Recovery Mode on Samsung S8. This guide will basically explain to you all you ought to find out.


That is all you ought to know when it comes to the Safe-Mode and how you can activate and de-activate it again. The final thing that you ought to remember is that for some pones you might need to hit the volume reduction button for the phone startup as you are exiting the Safe-Mode.

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