How To Access Samsung Note 9 Clipboard?

Making use of the clipboard on the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone is one of the most sought after knowledge by the users of the Galaxy Note 9. Through the guide below, you will be able to learn what you exactly need to do. Every other time you cut or copy a text or a sentence on the Note 9 this text will be saved on the clipboard until you have it pasted elsewhere.

The clipboard isn’t an obvious region on the phone you are using, but this doesn’t stop you from accessing it and checking what you have copied in it. The steps for achieving this are a common quest among those who want to make the most from this feature. Just in case you are also searching for this knowledge, here are the steps you need to follow for using clipboard on Samsung Note 9.


Procedure for Accessing Clipboard on Samsung Note 9

  1. Open the Samsung keyboard
  2. Select the Customize option
  3. Select the clipboard key


Alternative Procedure for Note 9 Clipboard

  1. Lookout for an empty text box
  2. Tap on the empty text box for long to have the clipboard catch
  3. Click on the catch to open the clipboard and see the copied text.


With those steps you already know how you can get to the Clipboard on Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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