Forgot Pin Password On Samsung Note 9 (Solved)

For the Samsung Note 9 users, remembering the Passcode might be an issue. This is a common problem that appears to affect majority of the users. It ends up becoming troublesome when you are not in a position to remember the Passcode on Note 9.

This is not something that should make you feel worried because we will illustrate possible solutions to this issue. Completing the factory reset is a common solution though many users will try not to attempt it. This is because it leads to deletion of everything though it is a fast solution when you want to bypass a forgotten Passcode. There are other alternatives that can help you reset the password other than factory reset. Here are some options for fixing the forgotten Passcode issue on Samsung Note 9.

  1. Consider using Samsung Locate my Device option
  2. Use the Android device manager to temporarily change the password
  3. Factory reset option


The Locate my Mobile Option for Resetting A Passcode

  1. Ensure that you have registered a Samsung user account
  2. Activate the Find My Mobile and Remote Control Feature
  3. Set a Temporal Passcode to reset the password
  4. Open the unlock screen and use the set password
  5. Now set a new Passcode that you will easily remember


Samsung Note 9 Factory Reset for Password Recovery

  1. Switch off the phone
  2. Simultaneously press and hold the Volume, Home and Power buttons to open the phone on recovery mode
  3. Once the recovery mode is active you can release the buttons
  4. Select the Factory Reset / Wipe Data option using the volume button
  5. Restart the phone and once factory reset is done reboot the phone again


If you are in need of more information when it comes to Note 9 Factory Reset, click here to read more.


Fixing a Samsung Note 9 Forgotten Passcode issue Through Android Device Manager

  1. First, you ought to register the phone for the service as this is a subscription service. Once you have registered the phone for the service, make sure you can use the lock feature.
  2. Use a PC or another android device to access the service
  3. Sign in and select your Note 9
  4. Tap “Lock & Erase” to start using it
  5. Follow the prompts that will appear on your screen to set a new Passcode
  6. Once you have a new Passcode, enter it on your Note 9 and set a new password.


Through the above steps, you now know how you can fix the Samsung Note 9 forgotten password through one of the above solutions. In case you haven’t registered for the services above, the reset feature is your only option.

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