Forgot Pattern Lock On Samsung Note 9 (Solved)

Samsung Note 9 owners often forget the pattern lock and are left with the complete factory settings reset as the only option to solve the issue. However, this leads to complete removal of the data and information that was in the phone. This is usually a very annoying experience especially when caught unaware and you haven’t backed up the data. In this article, we feature some solutions that can help you solve the forgotten Passcode issue on Samsung Note 9 device.


Using the Factory Settings Reset as the Solution for Password Reset

  1. Ensure you have switched off the device and activated the recovery mode
  2. Wait until the Android icon shoes up, and when it does press the volume button to go to the “yes-Delete All User Data” and tap on the wake up button to confirm the action.
  3. The Note 9 device will then restart and once it does, everything should be working right with the device ready to use.


Check out this article for more information on resetting your Note 9 to factory settings. Ensure that if you got a chance you have backed up the data prior to factory resetting.


Samsungs Locate Any Mobile Password Reset Approach

Apple has got their Find My iPhone feature and in a similar manner, Samsung mobile came up with a solution referred to as locate my mobile, commonly referred to as Find my Mobile. Through the use of “remote controls” feature, Samsung Note 9 user can temporarily reset the device Passcode or the login pattern gaining access to the device. In case you are yet to register for this service, it is advisable that you do so soon. Here are the steps for completing the action.

  1. Ensure you open a Samsung user account
  2. Activate the locate my mobile feature and temporal password reset feature
  3. Come up with easy to remember temporal pass code.
  4. Bypass the lockscreen through using the temporal code to access the phone
  5. Set a new password immediately.


Android Device Manager Password Reset

If you forgot the unlocking Passcode, you can easily make use of the Google’s Android Device Manager to recover the Passcode. However, this is a subscription service and so you need to sign up for it. Select the “lock” feature if you forgot the Passcode on your Samsung device.


  1. Access the Android Device Manager on your PC or another active device
  2. Locate the Note 9 through the PC screen
  3. Activate the “Lock & Erase” feature
  4. Follow the steps indicated on the screen
  5. Set a temporal Passcode
  6. Enter the Passcode you just set on your phone
  7. Create a new password


With either of the above options, you will easily recover the pass code and solve the issue at hand which is a forgotten Passcode or unlock pattern. Those few steps associated with chosen solution will easily help you out.


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