Assigning Emergency Contacts On Samsung Note 9

Samsung Note 9 comes with the ability to set a tragedy contact allowing you call the contact from all screens including when your phone is locked. Note 9 users can choose having several emergency contacts that allow you to instantaneously engage in a phone call with your friends.


Two-Step Procedure for Setting Emergency Contacts on Note 9

  • Save the selected contacts on the ICE contact group of Samsung Note 9
  • Enabling the crisis Contact through Lock Screen


First Step:

  1. From the home view tap on Append
  2. Select the contacts
  3. Tap a group option located on the screen top
  4. You are now viewing the active contacts groups. From this view, you need to select ICE group option
  5. Click edit
  6. Add the crisis contacts to the list. Note that to enable an on the spot emergency calling, you have to add the contact to the list.
  7. Once you have added the desired contacts, have the list saved.


Second Step:

  1. Lock the device by pressing the locking button
  2. Click on the home screen button so as to access the Locked phone Screen. Don’t unlock the phone yet
  3. Long press the cell button on the screen bottom side
  4. Ensure the icon is placed at the middle of the screen
  5. Tap the crisis alternative that appears and tap three contacts from the ICE group
  6. Click the “Plus” sign after each of the contacts has been added so as to start adding new contact.


The above steps will help you activate contact calls from the lock screen. In case you lost the Samsung Note 9, the feature becomes incredibly useful. Whoever finds the phone can call the  Note 9 emergency contacts helping you locate the device.

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