Add Signature To Text Messages On Samsung Note 9 And Note 8 – Guide

Did you know that your Samsung Note 8 and also the Note 9 comes with an incredible feature that allows you to add signature on every text that you want to send out? A handful of people want to be able to make use of this feature on every message they are sending out. If you own the Note 8 or 9, you might also want to make use of adding signature to text on Note 9 and Note 8.

The good news is that your phone enables you to add a custom signature. The signature will be automatically inputted to the text messages you are sending out. This is therefore an incredible feature for those that like sending text messages to business associates.

It’s unfortunate that the latest android OS on some gadgets doesn’t have this incredible feature included to it. The procedure we shall be sharing here allows you to activate adding signature to Samsung Note 9 and Note 8.


The Procedure for Signature Addition on Samsung Note 9 and Note 8 Text Message

  1. Open the Home Screen of your device
  2. Click on the Apps menu
  3. Go to the settings section
  4. Open the Language and Input selection
  5. Tap on the Keyboard for your Samsung
  6. Find the text shortcuts option
  7. Click on the add alternative found on the upper right corner. This includes the content string script as the content easy route for the console application. At this point, enter text on the fast access section that might be something like “signature”. Even better, the content on the extended text field will appear when you enter the fast access section. This can be something like “Yours sincerely, First name, second name.
  8. Click the save changes and Exit the menu


With the above procedures, you just made an extraordinary fast access command to be used on the keyboard when you are entering content through a window.

This helps you to make use of the signature alternate route from the Samsung console and also the Galaxy Note 8 / 9 message app and this will naturally embed the instant message signature.

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