OnePlus 5/OnePlus 6/OnePlus 6T: Turn OFF And ON Preview Message – Guide

Activating and deactivating the message preview on OnePlus 6, OnePlus 6T and OnePlus 5 is a feature many people want to learn. This is especially the owners of the OnePlus Smartphone. There are some OnePlus users who find the feature quiet useful making things easier for them while other hit the fact that it displays content they don’t want seen by those around them.

If you want to ensure no one else can see the content sent to your phone, it is important you consider disabling the preview feature. Here are the procedures to turn on and off OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 6/6T message preview


Enabling And Deactivating Messages Preview On OnePlus 6/6T And OnePlus 5

  1. Switch on the Phone
  2. Tap on the settings icon
  3. Open the apps feature and click on the messages
  4. Open the notifications feature
  5. Open the messages preview feature
  6. You will see the “Lock Screen” and also the “Status Bar”
  7. Un-tick the boxes to stop seeing the previews



With the box unchecked, the preview feature is deactivated. In case you need to activate the feature in the near future, just follow those steps and check the boxes that you want to show up.

For many people, they want to deactivate the feature since this comes with some privacy whenever content is delivered to the phone.

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