Moto G: How To Block Calls And Texts

Here, we address how you can block calls and texts on Moto G. This also shall address procedure for blocking incoming calls on to Moto G. Basically, its all about blocking calls and SMSs on Moto G. This covers blocking numbers on Moto G 1st generation, the 2nd generation and also the 3rd generation.


How To Block Calls And Texts On Moto G:

Blocking Callers and Text Messages from Any Number:

  1. Navigate to the phone contacts
  2. Tap the particular contact to bar
  3. Click on the pen icon so as to start editing the contact
  4. Tap the menu icon shown as three dots
  5. Select “ calls to Voicemail


Unblocking the Blocked callers and allowing SMS from a Particular number

  1. Tap on the ”contacts” application
  2. Click the name of the particular contact you want to allow
  3. Select “Menu” and ensure “all calls to Voicemail” is not checked


Procedure for Blocking Messages in Hangouts or Messenger Applications:

  1. Tap on the Hangouts or the messenger applications to activate
  2. Select a previous chat with the contact you want to block
  3. Click the three dots indicated on the top right
  4. Select people and options
  5. Click on block
  6. Click OK to confirm the action

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