LG G4/G5/G6/V20/V30: How To Fix Mobile Data Problems

There is no data connection on LG G4, G5, G6, V20 and V30 smartphones. You aren’t able to connect to the internet when using the mobile data connection. The mobile data connection not working on LG V30, V20, G6, G5 or G4.



How to fix mobile data issues on LG G4, G5, G6,V20 and V30

If you can’t connect to the internet through the LG Smartphone, try these procedures to try fixing the issue:

  • Switch off the device and power it on again
  • Ensure network connectivity is available. In case you are experiencing No Service, Try this
  • Open the settings then navigate to mobile connection and ensure mobile data internet connection is activated and that there is no data blocking


Reconfiguring the APN Settings:

  • Open the Settings, navigate to more, open the mobile networks and navigate to the access point names.
  • Tap menu and select default
  • Once the APN is reset, tap the service providers APN and if the APN setup is not available, tap here for the APN settings or then use Google to search for Carrier APN settings.
  • Checkout network settings reset
  • Open settings and navigate to backup and reset
  • Tap network settings resetting
  • Click the settings reset to complete the action
  • Restart the phone


In case these steps don’t work, contact the network provider to ensure there aren’t issues with accessing the data. In case of network issues, perform a factory data reset.

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