Factory Reset LG G6

If you are interested in learning the procedure for performing the LG G6 resetting, check out the guide below. A factory reset is important in the situations where you are facing issues with your phone including a freezing device.


The Soft LG G6 Reset

Your LG G6 will restart only when you perform the soft reset procedure. Mostly, this is a helpful procedure when the phone is not working well. The data will be erased once you have performed the factory reset. Here are the steps:

Option #1: Switch off the device by holding the power button. The power button can be held for 3 seconds so as to turn the phone ON again.


Method One: Hard Reset Option

The LG G6 resets to factory default programs and the default settings after you have performed the hard reset.



  1. Click on the settings tab
  2. Open the backup and reset option
  3. Navigate to factory data reset
  4. Open the reset phone
  5. Select Delete All
  6. Click Ok to Confirm


Option #2 Hard Reset Option

  1. Simultaneously click and hold the power and volume down button with the phone turned off until the System Recovery menu is seen
  2. Select the “Factory Data Reset” Option using the Volume buttons
  3. Choose and confirm the action by pressing the power button
  4. Use the Volume buttons to navigate to yes
  5. Click the power button so as to select that option

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