Clear Cache On LG G6

Android Software might have some issues that make it not the best operating software, but there are some tweaks that can correct this. You have the option for completing a Wipe Cache Action or performing a complete factory reset so as fix the issues on your LG G6 Android device. The main purpose for completing the cache clearing on your device is when the LG G6 starts to have some delays, impassive or becomes very slow. Here is a guide that you can have a look at that will explain to you how to clear the cache on your LG G6.


Understanding Cache and the Purpose that Cache Serves

Various versions of cache exist on your LG G6 device. We have the application cache and we also have the system cache. The apps that you have installed on your LG G6 have a specific cache on the application. The app cache stores temporal data letting you to easily navigate from one application to another. The System cache focuses largely on the software of the Android device rather than the apps data. When you have difficulties like freezing apps or apps that crash out the system cache lets you to fix the problem overall.


How to Clear the Apps Cache on LG G6

If you are facing trouble as a result of a particular application, it is recommended that you consider clearing the specific apps Cache. Here is a procedure on how to clear the Apps Cache on your LG G6

  1. Switch on the LG G6 device
  2. Open the Settings view and navigate to the Application manager
  3. Open the application that you wish to clear the cache of
  4. Open the information screen for the application once you have chosen the app.
  5. Select the Clear Cache option
  6. Open the settings screen and the storage options to let you clear the app cache
  7. Clear the app cache at same time by selecting the cached data


This approach leads to lose of all the important information after you have confirmed the clear data action. Ideally, this includes the passwords, the preferences, app stores and game progress.


Supposing the App Cache Clearing Doesn’t Work?

It is always important that you perform a device reboot after uninstalling the applications on your LG G6 particularly after the specific Cache clearing has failed. Backup all the data that includes the contacts, the apps, pictures, videos and all other important information before you settle on resetting the LG G6. This is because once you have done the factory reset, then this information will all be gone. Then a cache wipe will be recommended supposing the rebooting doesn’t seem to help. The process is also referred to as clear Cache partition on the LG G6.

Check the procedure for performing the factory reset on the LG G6 if the issue seems not to be resolved.

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