Turn ON And OFF Autocorrect In Honor 9/Honor 10/Honor 8/8X/7X/6X/6C/7C/7A – Guide

If you are a new use of the Honor Smartphone, you might want to understand how you can enable or disable auto correction on Honor 9/Honor 10/Honor 8/8X/7X/6X/6C/7C/7A . This feature was originally designed to ensure you have the ability to fix any spelling mistakes that you might make. Now and then, the device will initiate the automatic correction feature when you actually don’t need the feature. In other instances, the device misses the words that you intended to correct.

The Auto correction on Honor 9/Honor 10/Honor 8/8X/7X/6X/6C/7C/7A devices is not the best feature you will want to use. This is especially when you love using slang and also the shorthand words. To deactivate the feature, you can make use of the following procedures that we shall explain here. The first is all about deactivating the feature on your Honor device. The other is turning off the feature to ensure the phone will not recognize the words used in text.


How To Turn On /Off Autocorrect On Honor Devices

  1. Switch on the phone
  2. Navigate to the Keyboard
  3. Long press the dictation key found next to the space bar
  4. Click the settings
  5. Where there is the typing box click on the predictive text6 and deactivate the feature
  6. You can as well switch off the other settings like the auto-capitalization and the punctuation setting


When you need to re-enable autocorrect on Honor 9/Honor 10/Honor 8/8X/7X/6X/6C/7C/7A , just follow those procedures and switch it on again. This is a very simple procedure.

It’s basically very easy disabling the auto correction on Honor Honor 9/Honor 10/Honor 8/8X/7X/6X/6C/7C/7A devices. This only works for the stock keyboard of the phone that has been pre-installed. In case you are making use of a third-party keyboard, the procedure might differ.

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