Turning OFF Flashlight On iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max And iPhone XR – Guide

Looking for information on how to switch on or off flashlight on iPhone? The procedure remains the same for these different devices. For those who already know where to find the flashlight, then this information will be more resourceful to you. However, we shall learn that in just few minutes how to turn off and on iPhone flashlight. Before we arrive at that, for those who have little experience or for the newbie’s, its good we mention that you shouldn’t expect the LED Maglight effect since that is not the case.


How To Turn OFF Flashlight On iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max And iPhone XR

So, the flashlight application found on the iPhone is mostly referred to as a Widget by the Apple device fans. Surprisingly, the developer’s perspective is that this widget remains the most common widget and also widely used for turning off and on flashlight on iPhone.

For this reason, the widget is usually listed within the control center on these apple devices. The control center is usually the one that is extendable with just one swipe from the lower side towards the upper edge of the home screen.

This tool or widget of iPhone flashlight is commonly referred to as the Torch and in most cases you will see it on the bottom corner from the “Quick Settings Menu” there is an icon that is dedicated to this functionality just like happens with all the other quick commands and it is usually accessible through a single tap on the icon. The single tap happens to be all you might need to switch on and off the flashlight widget on your iPhone.

With the first tap, the flashlight is turned on while the second tap functions to switch off the flashlight. For now, that remains it and with those simple steps, you will be ready to use the widget. It’s basically fast, very easy and also easily accessible.

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