How To Stop Fake Virus Popup On iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 And iPhone 8

In this article, we shall address the fake virus pop up on iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and other Apple devices. This is particularly the iPhone 6s virus popup message. Just to explain further, your iPhone 6s might be displaying a spam alert that pops up now and then.

The messages that are displayed include “your iPhone is infected by a spyware” , your iPhone 6s has a virus infection, credit card information risk alert, webcam remote access by FBI, NSA or CIA alert. So how should you address this issue?


The Solution For Fake Virus Pop Up On iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 And iPhone 8

If you are experiencing a sudden alert that pops up on your iPhone 6s or the iPhone 6s plus informing you to call a certain number because of the alleged danger as a result of a virus attack, AVOID calling that number.

Basically, the spam message pops up originating from the Safari Browser. We shall give you a procedure on what you ought to do to avoid getting the message. Note that your phone is not infected and there is no issue with the phone. You can simply remove the message using very easy steps.



  1. Switch off the iPhone 6s. This is by long pressing home and the power button for about five seconds.
  2. Turn on the iPhone once again
  3. Open settings and navigate to Safari
  4. Tap on “Remove the History and Web data
  5. Switch off the iPhone and switch it on again
  6. The virus alert should have cleared now.


After you follow the steps above, the fake virus popup on iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and other iPhone models should stop.

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