Compass Calibration On iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max And iPhone XR

Getting to understand the functionalities on the iPhone device might take some time. Thus, there is a possibility that you did not have the time for discovering that the new iPhone features essential built in compass application.

Now that you already know that the compass on iPhone exists, you might want to make use of it. This will avoid the need for installing a third party application on the device. Basically, there is no need installing the compass from a third party source without giving the inbuilt feature a try. This will require calibration of compass on iPhone and it’s a good idea having the iPhone plugged on to the power source by making use of the iPhone Charging code to ensure the phone doesn’t shut down while calibrating the compass.


How To Compass Calibration on iPhone  iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

  1. Switch on the screen
  2. Open the settings widget
  3. Tap on the privacy tab
  4. Open the phone location services
  5. Check out for the compass entry
  6. Tap the compass entry once to deactivate it
  7. Tap it once again to activate it


That’s it! The off and on switching is basically the compass calibration on iPhone we have wanted to learn how to achieve. This is done once and when done, you are assured that the iPhone will begin working as it should. If you wish to, download a third party application and compare how the two work.

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