Samsung Note 9: How To Change App Icon Size In Home Screen

Changing the icon size of the Note 9 Apps on home screen means that you will need to alter the screen grid settings. Note that the Samsung Note 9 comes with a screen that is comprised of columns and rows. All the apps icons and the widgets on the Note 9 can be placed at the intersecting point of the rows and the columns. In this article, we will feature the way through which you can alter the Apps icon on Samsung Note 9.


How To Change App Icon Size In Home Screen On Samsung Note 9: 

  1. Open the phones home screen
  2. From the highest point of the screen, pull down the notifications view
  3. Launch the settings by clicking on the gear shaped icon.
  4. Tap the display and the wallpaper
  5. Open the icons background
  6. There will be two primary options that include a box directly below the just opened page
  7. The box gives you an opportunity for viewing current Note 9 grid settings
  8. Tap on either of the alternatives and check the preview box.
  9. Tap on the alternatives and view the preview box as you try to detect the differences between the present and the previous grids
  10. Pick the applications icon preview that you most prefer and use the setting
  11. Tap on the Done button once you have completed the action
  12. Leave the menu


The above steps have a common setting and not any one of them can be altered. However, the distinction between the two must be observed. The Note 9 app symbols on the home screen will now fit the progressions that are connected through those strides. However, note that the Samsung 9 Note doesn’t come with excess alternatives for this section.

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