How To Get Samsung Galaxy Note 9 To Read Text

One of the coolest features that an intelligent device can have is the Text-to-Speech feature. The feature has become more accessible but still several devices might require that you install the text to speech feature from the play store using a third party application. However, this is not a requirement for the Note 9!

The Samsung Note 9 comes with the feature inbuilt and hence you don’t have to use the Google Play Store to download the application. It is important that you take note of one consideration before using the application. Apart from just being able to read books and translate, you might want this feature to be the driving vocal assistance.

The Samsung Note 9 text to speech feature could reproduce what is taking place on your phone easily and in real time. This is an important help that helps the Note 9 user to remain alert while on the road. Consider the marvelous benefit that you receive when you are required to read several languages other than the English language!


How to make use of the Text to Speech feature on Samsung Note 9

  1. Ensure that the feature is activated and check the options.
  2. Open the general settings and navigate to the system menu.
  3. Tap on the language and the Input Submenu
  4. Open the speech section
  5. Click on text-to-Speech
  6. Choose between the Samsung and Google Text to Speech engines
  7. Click the settings option which is next to the text to speech Engine that you have chosen.
  8. Install the Voice data feature and select the appropriate language
  9. Click the Install Voice Data Option which is under the settings menu accessed.
  10. Click the button that has the download prompt
  11. Ensure the language has been downloaded
  12. Use the back key to select the language
  13. Switch on the S Voice and the Driving mode as well
  14. Exit the above settings
  15. Launch the apps feature which is on the home screen
  16. Tap the S Voice
  17. Select the recent Apps key
  18. Click the Driving Mode On


With the above steps, you can drive freely as the test-to –speech feature assists you. Once you have arrived to the destination, you can make use of the recent applications feature again and deactivate the driving mode.

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